Media enquiries

For more information or to arrange an interview: Kate Fowler: 01732 364 546.
Out of hours: Andrew Butler 07979 949927.

Photos from the tour available for download here.

Still images from the Meat Wagon film

Click on the image below to view or download a larger file.

chickens bred for meat in a massive shedcrippled chicken
sick chicken lying near healthier onebins showing empty drug containers used on factory farm
convulsing pigletdead piglets
dying newborn pigletdead piglet by broom
sow in cratesow in crate
sow in crate (final shot in film)dead sheep in bin
dead calf lying in yardDeath Row was painted on the wall of one of the slaughterhouses we visited
slaughterhouse worker stands on calf who is about to be stunneda cow awaits stunning in stunbox
diary cow lies after being stunnedslaughter worker hits a pig in the race area before stunning room
slaughter worker mocks a pig which he has partially stunnedpigs on a slaughterline
pigs on a butchery line